Katie X is an artist whose practice extends across various forms and media.

Latest Work

Limen Externus (from the "Limina" series)

Limina are the thresholds of consciousness, places of transformation, where the physical and the phantasmic collide and where roam the most magickal of creations.


My new and ongoing "Stray" series is a collection of small “visual poetry” paintings, each referencing one of the short verses from Tagore’s Stray Birds.

A Desolation Song

A Desolation Song is an ode to my hometown Jinan particularly dedicated to the time around Chinese New Year when the clamoring impetuousness of a modern city slows down. 

Sólstafir (Not Unlike the Waves)

This 4-panel polyptych is inspired by Agalloch’s “Not Unlike the Waves,” a folk metal song loosely based on Norse mythology.

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