Death ([Four]tune)

Installation view

Death ([Four]tune), 2021
Digital photography printed with laser printer, with hand applied acrylic paint, black paper, clear plastic sheets, foam core board, corrugated plastic sheets and LED light
Approx. 22 x 28 x 11 inches

The Fountain

The Fountain, 2019
Video installation with found object collage on foam core board
6 seconds, looped
17 x 17 x 5 inches

This video installation consists of two parts: a looped stop-motion animation of marks made on the beach and a collage of objects collected from the beach. Titled after the 2006 Aronofsky film, The Fountain questions the duality in life by blurring the boundaries between the natural and the artificial.

Water Music Animated, Minuet (Panel #6)

Water Music Animated, Minuet (Panel #6), 2019
Hand-drawn animation

Concept drawings and plans

Inspired by early visual music films, I created this hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation to reintroduce the temporal element back to one of my music paintings. On top of a looped layer representing water, colors are separated and reassigned to their corresponding part of music, while following a similar pattern inspired by the structure and rhythm.

Cosmic Tomb, A Self Portrait

Side view

Cosmic Tomb, A Self Portrait, 2018
India ink and white ink on handmade watercolor paper mounted on board, with wire and sound reactive LED lights
Approx. 15 x 30 x 15 inches

Life and the Dichotomous Universe (Unity of Opposites)

Life and the Dichotomous Universe (Unity of Opposites), 2018
Black and white paper, tracing paper, foam core board, corrugated plastic sheets, clear plastic sheets, color gel filters and LED light
Approx. 16 x 35 x 5 inches

Break (Free)

Inside view

Break (Free), 2018
Eggshell and paper
Approx. 6 x 6 x 8 inches

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